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We know that your lawn is one of the most important assets that your home has. Maintaining your yard is not often as easy as you may think. At the very least, you should mow the grass and try to keep the weeds and crabgrass under control. To have a truly beautiful, healthy and enjoyable yard, you need to put several hours a month into maintenance.

We Give You Back Your Weekends

We started this company because we love people, the outdoors and beautiful lawns. We knew that we would enjoy and be great at creating beautiful lawns and landscapes for others.  Giving people gorgeous and healthy lawns is important but we also find extreme satisfaction in knowing that our services help families spend more time together or even help individuals ditch the mower and take off to enjoy a bit of free time!

Let Us Put in the Time and Effort to Keep Your Yard and Lawn in Great Shape

Our lawn and landscaping services are affordable and top quality.  We are happy to work with you on a personal mowing and maintenance schedule or just come out to do a seasonal Spring or Fall clean-up.  Fill out our form below or call us to schedule service, learn more about our services or schedule your yard consultation.

All Season Comprehensive Lawn and Landscape Services

We are pleased to provide our customers with a wide variety of lawn and landscape services.  These services include:

Spring & Fall Clean-Ups | Pruning and Trimming | Lawn Maintenance | Mulch Bed Installation and Maintenance | Snow Plowing

Complete Spring and Fall Clean Up Services

Living in New England means that there are two seasons of lawn clean-up – Spring and Fall.  In the Fall, we offer complete leaf raking and removal services.  In the Spring, we offer lawn clean-up and initial lawn prep to include raking and debris removal and fertilization.

Mulching and Mulch Bed Installation and Maintenance

Don’t spend your extra time on the weekends mulching and keeping up with your mulch beds.  We will install and refresh mulch beds on your schedule.

Pruning and Trimming

Put away your pruning shears and cutting tools and let us handle all of your pruning and trimming needs.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Fox Pro Landscaping will maintain your lawn with the utmost care and skilled services.  We offer regularly scheduled lawn mowing and yard maintenance to be convenient for your schedule and your yard needs.

Snow Plowing & Snow Removal

In New England, you never know when the snow will start or when it will stop. Fox Pro offers snow plowing and snow removal services.  We will plow and clear your parking lot or driveway each season. Please contact us to learn more about our outstanding snow removal and plowing services.

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